Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanksgiving Delight

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bodacious-P!! All kinds of exciting things happen to me so you are in for some good times!

Speaking of good times my Thanksgiving was great I ate until I couldn't stand up and then spent the next two days pissing out my ass everything I had eaten in the last year. I am pretty sure my mother tried to off me by putting poisoned ingredients in her Corn Pudding the problem is that she forgot about it and let her new husband (Ron) eat some as well. So after days of fighting over the bathroom and the sand paper butt wipe I began to fell a little better and was able to grow the skin back on my bottom side. Ron was not so lucky however!!

Picture this your sitting at your desk at work after now 4 days of constant personal time in the bathroom and you realize your about to have to make another visit. This time though you have your boss sitting in your office talking to you and blocking the door. Finally the long winded bag shuts up and you run down the hallway your ass cheeks squeezed together with enough pressure to make a diamond. You see the mens bathroom sign but, just as your about to grab the door knob all of you muscles fail and you create the dirty Niagara Falls in your pants. Now you have to go to the other side of the building to your long winded bosses office which is only accessible by walking through every ones cube and explain to him why your day needs to end after only an hour and a half.

This was Ron's day at work yesterday. Can there be anything more embarrassing.

Introducing....BODACIOUS P

Since I have been running low on blog content, and Pete is tired of my constant barage of insults, he is now an official contributor to my blog.

Needless to say, everyone who reads this blog will now leave with a few less brain cells than when they came (as opposed to the high-brow content I've previously provided :-)

Please join me in welcoming Bodacious P!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ted's big day

Story adapted from events occurring last night.

This is a little story about a boy named Ted. One day Ted was going to the gym. He knew he would be late, so he sent an e-mail to tell his friends that he would arrive 15 minutes after the pre-arranged start time. He then proceeded to show up 40 minutes late.

After his friends (showing great poise and understanding) unracked all the weights so Ted could do his warm-up, he repped 315 lbs for 24 reps, besting his previous PR of 275x24. After a quick stop at 365, he put 4 plates on each side (405 lbs) for 1 rep.

Needless to say, Ted lifted happily ever after...well, at least for like 30 minutes more until it was time to go home.

There, you got your props.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Busy Busy

I've been swamped lately, so here's a brief update:

I went riding for a couple hours on dirt roads with Jim and Ted on Thanksgiving. It was great to get out and ride in 50 degree weather. I was way overdressed, but it was great nonetheless.
I'm currently waiting on a new rear wheel to be build for the Cross-Check. Surly fixed/free hub, DT Swiss Competition Spokes, and DT Swiss RR 2.2 rims. I'm also having the spokes tied and soldered, so this wheel should be completely bulletproof.
I haven't been back on the rollers since I hit 80kph. I was gone for the 4-day weekend, and I went to the gym yesterday. Hopefully I can get some spinning in this afternoon.
The heater fan in the Explorer stopped working, so I'll be dropping it off to get fixed this morning. I was going to bring my bike and ride back to work, but it's raining and I didn't have time to put my fenders on last night. They frown upon showing up to work wet.
Bandit has a swollen face, so he's going to the vet tomorrow morning.
We signed the paperwork for our house and lot yesterday, so I officially own an acre of St. Cloud real estate! We made a last-minute decision to change the lot we are building on. We ended up with one that's shorter and wider than our original lot. Lotsa woods and a great view.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Out of my slump

I broke my slump on the rollers last night, hitting 80kph in 49x16, for a cadence of ~203. Tonight is squat night, so that should slow me down for several days.

Monday, November 20, 2006

A rafter of Turkeys?

Who the hell makes up the words that describe groups or different kinds of birds?

For instance, a group of turkeys is called a rafter. A group of crows is called a murder, and a group or ravens is called an unkindness.

Some others:
An exaltation of larks
A kettle of hawks
A party of jays
A company of parrots
A colony of penguins
A cover of coots
A dissimulation of birds
A pitying of turtledoves
A siege of herons
A charm of finches
A tidings of magpies
A deceit of lapwings
An ostentation of peacocks
A bouquet of pheasants
A congregation of plovers
A descent of woodpeckers
A mustering of storks
A murmuration of starlings
A parliament of owls

A "paddling of ducks"? No one except a would-be landed gentry person would speak like this.

Why do I bring this up? No clue...I'm just wondering what ever happened to Flock of Seaguls.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Random thoughts...

I haven't posted in a while because I was worn out from my trip to Boston, and I've been swamped at work, so here's what I've been up to:
On Tuesday, I squatted 315x21 reps, then 365x10 reps. Then on Wednesday, I dealifted 275 for 2 sets of 10 reps. It's now Friday and I'm so sore I can hardly walk.
Ted tweaked his calf, so he's on damage control and lifting light (225) for the time being. Pete thinks he's hardcore, but he's only on form once every two weeks, so whatever...
I lost the cable that connects my camera to my Mac, so I can't get any of my Boston pictures off the camera. I'm going to have to buy a card reader.
The St. Cloud clan of Loon State has teamed up with a local shop, Granite City Cycles, and said shop has subsequently added a former national-level track racer to their staff. Sweet! I think this will really help us grow the team in the St. Cloud area.
Kristin and I are in the final stages of planning for our new house. We've got the plans drawn up (awaiting a few small revisions), and we're going to make a decision this weeked on which lot to build on. I'm very excited to build a new house, as the four of us have outgrown our current abode.
I'm stuck at 77kph on the rollers. I think all this weightlifting is limiting my max cadence...which is fine. I'm still well over 180 rpm, so I should be OK. It's just frustrating to see halted progress.
I'm helping out on a demo for a big potential client today, to be immediately followed by my yearly review (crosses fingers).
I think I might convert the Cross-Check to a fixie. Can't decide though. Might be fun.
I'm thinking about a new MTB, too, even though I never ride the one I have.
That's about it...I'll update if I think of more.

Monday, November 06, 2006

And I'm Here!

The flight was great. The plane wasn't full, so I got a full row to myself. Granted, it was the very last row, but it was mine. I didn't even know planes went back that far! I could smell the exhaust and hear the flight attendents complain about how much they hate their jobs. If that's not classy, I don't know what it.

I only worked for about 4 hours today, but it went much better than expected. The people are great, and Boston is always fun. If only it was warmer.

The 'Nine-Zero' is by far the nicest hotel I've ever stayed at. I have a 'King Premier with a View' room, which means lots of windows. Oddly, it also means I have a giant window in the bathroom. Hmmmmm.....I want to yell at people on the street "Guess what I'm doing ??!?!?!"

Sunday, November 05, 2006

And I'm Off!

I leave for Boston (business trip) tomorrow morning at 7:15. This will be my third trip to BeanTown. I'll update when I get there.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006