Saturday, January 30, 2010

So Long, Old Friends

It's hard to read, but it says "Prom '98 St. James", and it's starting to stink. I have 4 or 5 shirts like this that I use for workouts and sleeping, but I think it may be time for them to go. The 'pits are all crusted from years of deoderant use and, like I said, they stink.

This one is from 1996, when I was in West Side Story.

We were able to get a name custom-embroidered on the sleeve, and I picked "Gringo", which means "white boy". Unfortunately, all the o's looked like a's, so it says "Gringa", which means "white girl". Fail.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two-Handled Door

Why do you exist?

Homemade Sushi

Kristin came home with all this shit and announced that we were going to make sushi. I was a bit wary to say the least, but it turned out awesome.

We weren't brave enough to try it with fish yet, just vegetables. Ya know, because of the whole death-by-food-poisoning thing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As I was paging through Bicycling magazine last night, I came across an article about Fruita, Colorado. The article gave advice on where to stay, where to ride, where to eat, and where to drink.

Oddly, the basically described the exact trip that I took in March of 2005. We even camped at the same State Park.

The trails in Fruita are incredible. I've also been to Moab, and I prefer Fruita. Plus, it's fun to say. "Fruita". Fruita.

Monday, January 25, 2010

OMG, It Worked!

Look how tan I am after only 2 weeks!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Haz Skis

I suck at snowboarding. I gave it 10 years of my life and never got to the point that I wanted to be at, so I bailed out and bought twin-tip skis. It makes sense, since even when I was younger and all my friends were skateboarding, I would ride my rollerblades at the skate park.

Kristin rented.

My sister came too. I convinced her to ride on one of the boxes, which she nearly did successfully. But then she freaked out halfway across and fell, after which she was unable to get up. Very sad.

The next day (and still, 5 days later), my calves were screeeeeaming at me. Having larger-than-normal calves jammed into ski boots is really painful, but I found afterwards that the calf buckle on my boots can be mounted in 3 positions. After adjustment, I think my next trip out will be better.

Roses Are Red, Daisies Are Yellow, New Sunglasses Make Me A Happy Fellow

The best part about this time of year is the influx of new sponsor gear. My shades from Smith Optics showed up yesterday, and I was as giddy as a schoolgirl.

I was also reminded of how hard it is to take pictures of myself in sunglasses.

First off, we have the Interlock Spoiler, with Smoke-colored frame and polarized lenses. I also got some Blue Iridium Mirror lenses for them. Pimp, I know.

Next we have the Redline Max. I've always wanted shades with red lenses. These look very similar to the Frontline sunglasses I loved that were discontinued a few years ago.

And what's in this unnecessarily large case?

Pivlock V90 Max. My new race glasses. Rimlessness is next to godliness.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

'Drome Photo Show

I'm waaaaay behind on posting everything. Hell, I've still got pictures from before Christmas that need to be posted. But, whatever.

A couple weeks back Franz and I loaded up the wives to go see The Photography of the Velodrome. I am in one photo. Can you find me?

I'm wearing the yellow helmet, sitting on the bench. Franz looks forlorn, as he hangs his head in shame.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Remember Y2K?

I don't know what got me thinking about Y2K today, but the thought of it made me laugh.

On New Years Eve in 1999, I was hanging out at a cabin next door to Garrison Keillor (I still don't know how we ended up there). We got hammered on cheap vodka (and I mean CHEAP. $3.99 for a liter!) and used a sailboat as a sled. I ended up wrapped around a tree in the middle of the woods. I missed the New Years countdown because I couldn't find my way back to the cabin. It was awesome.

For me, the worst thing that happened due to Y2K was that I had to get new checks because all my existing checks had the "19__" pre-filled for the year.

What's going to happen in the year 10000?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stupid Dumbbells. Is That Redundant?

I currently own dumbbells in 5-pound increments up to 35 pounds, then it jumps to 50, then 75. Since I've been lifting a lot lately, the need has arisen for me to both fill in the gaps and go heavier.

I stopped by our local discount sporting goods store, looking for 65's and 85's. Nothing fancy, just cheap hex dumbbells. Well, apparently those don't exist anymore, because the basic dumbbells were $1/pound. Each. That means I would have been paying $300 for 2 sets of dumbbells. No fuckin' way.

I looked briefly at the Olympic dumbbell handles, but it seems that they'd be rendered almost unusable with 45-pound plates on them. Even 25's I think would be too big.

So I ended up ordering these guys.

10-pound wrist weights. I figure I can grab my 50-pound dumbbells, wrap these around my wrists, and instantly be working with 60 pounds. It's less than ideal, but they were $20.

Damn, I'm frugal.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Least Favorite Show Is Speaking To Me

Look at that douchebag. It's Mover Scott from Imagination Movers, my least favorite show. It just happened to be on this morning as I was leaving the house, and they were doing a show featuring a famous cyclist named Pants Armstrong (yes, very clever). I decided to watch for a bit.

Poor Pants had crashed and was now scared to ride his bike (hmmm...sounds familiar). Have no fear! The Movers are here to help. They did some brainstormin' and decided that Pants should ride an exercise bike, since there's no chance of crashing.

I've been doing the very same thing. In fact, I was damn close to my personal best on the ergo last night, and that was after deadlifting 335 and squatting 315.

Unlike me, however, Pants managed to crash on his exercise bike. Fortunately, he crashed into a whole room full of stuffed animals. Here he is post-crash:
Where was my stuffed animal room when I needed it?

Next, the Movers put Pants on a tricycle so he could get used to riding again, with little chance of crashing. Note to self: buy adult-sized tricycle, preferably with a basket.

After that, Pants was able to ride his race bike again, and he won the big race! I'm 100% positive that this as an omen that, once I graduate from my adult trike, I'll be a famous racer. Hey, would Mover Scott lie to me?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Burned.

After tanning yesterday, I spent much of the day proclaiming to everyone within earshot that it didn't do any good and the girl should have let me go for longer than 9 minutes.
After I got home, I told my wife the same thing. Then I went upstairs to change into my workout clothes and was shocked at what I saw in the mirror. Due to the fact that I hadn't removed my boxers, my ass looked like this:
I was going to post an actual photo of it, but I think you'll all agree when I say that everyone has seen way too much of my ass. Plus, can't find my camera.

The stripe is from my skivvies. I had pulled my boxers down at the top and up at the bottom, but didn't remove them completely, and I'm sure glad I didn't. I don't think my dong has ever seen the sun (it mostly comes out at night), and I don't think it would have handled the UV rays well.

Today, everything is just slightly pink, so I'm taking the day off from tanning. I'll be back tomorrow, but I may need to try the stand-up bed (I think that's an oxymoron) because my tan burn is rather uneven.

I feel very manly.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OK, I Lied

I went tanning.

I received a referral from a highly reputable source that this place was teh awesum. While I feel that's an overstatement, it was, in my limited experience, the best tanning salon I've ever been to (out of 3).

After listening attentively while the girl behind the desk described the numerous overpriced options available to me, I chose two 1-week passes. Alright, ready to tan.


I need eyewear. Like sunglasses? No. Like these:
It was also highly recommended that I use tanning lotion. "Otherwise the first 5 minutes you're in there doesn't do anything." Well, I of course am not one to waste valuable tanning time (especially considering what it costs), so I picked something that smelled manly. Hopefully that will help cover of the smell of burnt flesh that people keep telling me about.

Then she tells me I'm limited to 9 minutes to test my tolerance. Lady, if I want to scorch myself, I'll damn well scorch myself. Needless to say, I laid in that bed for 9 minutes. It was really hot until I figured out how to turn the fan on. Then it was kind of relaxing. Until I turned on the radio. It was country, and I couldn't figure out how to change it.

I'm not tan or burnt, nor do I smell like burnt flesh at the moment.

I'll keep y'all abreast of my bronzing status.

TenT Goes Tanning. Shame Ensues.

I hate sunscreen. Hate it. This has led to many miserable days while on vacation in warm climates. Last year in Mexico I got so badly sunburned that I couldn't even put a shirt on the next day. I know, poor me.

Anyway, I'm going on vacation again soon and wanted to avoid burning. My coworkers convinced me that everyone goes tanning before they go on vacation. The idea being that if I get a decent base tan, I won't burn to quickly. The science seemed sound, I guess.

So I set off in search of a tanning place. I know they're called tanning salons, but that sounds a little fruity. Tanning place it is.

I was driving along and saw a sign for iBeach 24-hour tanning. It sounded promising. I pulled up in front of the building and shut off my car. Just then, a teenage boy wearing a name tag (who I presume was an employee) cracked open the door and hawked a loogie onto the sidewalk. It was gross. I started my car and left.

A few blocks later (fuckin' things are everywhere!) I found another tanning place called Caribbean Beach, which I thought sounded fancy. I parked my car and actually got out this time. When I got into the place, I was horrified. It smelled funny, like massage oil and shame, and there were teenage girls everywhere. They all appeared to be waiting. What? There's a wait to go tanning? I pulled my phone from my pocket, pretended I had just received an urgent call, and got my ass out of there. It was really a sad spectacle. A grown man fleeing a tanning salon place in fear. Shameful, I know.

I had to stop at a sporting goods store on my way home, just to cleanse my psyche.

When it comes to tanning, the cost is not worth the benefit.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Best And Worst Of 2009

Since everyone cares what I think, here' I think.

Life Events:

Worst: Crashing. That really sucked balls.
Best: Enjoying summer for the first time in 5 years. This was actually a by-product of crashing, so I guess it wasn't all bad. I spent time with my family, hung out at the lake, and didn't live like a monk. For those of you who can't read between the lines, I spent my summer drinking on a boat, and it was fan-fucking-tastic.

Best: Breaking Benjamin's Dear Agony. Though not a phenomenal album by any stretch of the imagination, 2009 was a slow year. I feel like I'm becoming "that guy" who only listens to music from when he was 18. I hate that guy, but I now understand him.
Worst: Not one song in particular, but every R&B song with a high-pitched male singer that utilizes that fucking robot voice. They all sound the same, and they're all horrible. And they all seem to collaborate together now. They sound the damn same, why put more than one of them on a song?

Celebrity Gossip
Best: Brett Michaels getting knocked the fuck out by a stage prop. I don't have anything against the guy, but I can't stop watching the video! Bam! Rewind. Bam! Ahahahahahahah.
Worst: Khloe Kardashian getting married. Because I really needed a reason to see her on TV more. I wonder if that whole family says a little "Thank You" to Ray J's penis every night before they go to sleep. Without him, they're still living in obscurity. I was also pretty bummed about the death of Brittany Murphy. See seemed pleasant.

Best: The proliferation of Android for mobile phones. Now that there's a solid iPhone competitor, the industry is really going to push mobile phone technology forward in a hurry. I want to be able to ditch my laptop and just have a docking station for my PDA. Can someone make that happen please?
Worst: Social Networking in general. I know it wasn't invented in 2009, but it really gained (more) mass appeal. Everything seems so informal now. Though it is much easier cyber-stalk people, if that's your thing. And yes, I realize that this blog is a form of social media. Fuck off.

Best: The Hangover. No contest.
Worst: Paul Blart Mall Cop. I considered suing Kevin James for the 90 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Sadly, my time is worth nothing.

TV Shows
Best: Rock of Love Bus. What can I say? I'm a sucker for aging rockstars and strippers.
Honorable Mention: Cougar Town. I loves me some Courtney Cox. Though, actually, I like Nikki Cox more. Is she still on TV? Man, do I ever miss Unhappily Ever After.
Worst: The Girls Next Door. Now that the original girls are gone, I can't watch it anymore. The OG's were amusingly stupid, while the new girls are mind-numbingly retarded.

So there you have it. The definitive list of awesomeness and suckage.

Friday, January 08, 2010

College Football

So, I watched the BCS Championship game last night. I never watch college football, but figured I'd give it a chance since these were the top two teams in the nation and the Heisman Trophy winner was playing. It seemed to have all the makings of an exciting game.

Wow, was I wrong. Everything looked like it was in slow motion. In fact, I felt like I was watching a high school game.

Nick Saban is coaching? The guy who's NFL record was 15-17? The guy who thought he should start Daunte Culpepper? He's the pinnacle of college coaching? Strike one.

The announcers sucked and the video quality was severely lacking. Again, I felt like I was watching a high school game. Strike two.

Yawn. This is sooooo fucking boring. Why did they spend so much time showing the school marching bands? Ugh! Strike three.

Honestly, I'm not sure how NFL scouts can look at these players and decide that some of them are ready for the NFL. Everything just looked sloppy. These student athletes (and I use the word "student" very liberally here) were so overhyped (the next Emmit Smith? Really?) that maybe my expectations were just too high.

I also don't know how people can keep up with all the damn teams out there. Way too many for me. How many championship trophies are there? How many bowl games? What do the rankings really mean? I think every undefeated team should be ranked number 1.

There were a few high points. I was pulling for Texas' backup quarterback, a true freshman, to pull some Friday Night Lights shit and win the game, which he actually almost did. I also thought that Mark Ingram was pretty good, though I would imagine most 215-lb running backs could break the arm-tackles he was breaking. He has good balance though, which I guess is sweet.

Bonus question: Why didn't Nick Saban seem happy that he won the game?

Can someone explain the appeal to me? I'd love to have enjoyed it more, but I just don't get it. I'd rather watch the two worst NFL teams than the two best college teams.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I Want To See It, Yet I Don't

I know of only one kind of donkey show, but I'm pretty sure that's illegal here. At the very least, it's frowned upon. Heavily frowned upon.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First Car-In-Ditch Of The Year!

I know everyone loved my images of cars that went into the ditch last Winter. Hell, I loved it until karma got the best of me and I got myself stuck a couple times.

Despite all the snow and icy roads, I just hadn't seen any cars in the ditch yet this year. It was mind-boggling! Until this morning. I notice a woman and her 4 kids walking down the busy highway. I thought it seemed odd that someone would walk their kids to school, down a 2-lane road with no shoulder, when it's 2 degrees out and no one is wearing a hat. Then I saw this about a block away:

I'm not sure how it happened, but it happened. I even considered stopping to try to help pull her out (ya know, gotta do my good deed for the year), but her SUV didn't have a hitch and I didn't want to crawl into the snow under the car in my work clothes to hook up the tow rope. Plus, the road was busy as shit and I would have possibly risked causing another accident. Yessir, I've got all sorts of justification for not doing something I probably should have done.

Never Again

Never again will I eat rice not cooked in a rice cooker. I couldn't believe the difference! No shit, it's like a completely different food!

I may even try to make my own sushi, though that just sounds like food poisoning waiting to happen...

Monday, January 04, 2010

Silly Woman

Plugging the laptop into the printer does not charge the battery.

I'm Over Twitter

It's become little more than a public message board. Very few people post anything interesting or amusing anymore. Well, I assume it's amusing to them, but I'm just kind of over it.

So, here ya go...all my tweets from beginning to end. 293 of 'em. It actually took a surprisingly long time to put this together in a manner that would look decent on the blog. It's a good thing I'm awesome at Excel macros!

First tweet. There may or may not be more.
12:11 PM Jul 8th, 2009 from web

@allthewayray OK :-( Big meanie.
12:24 PM Jul 8th, 2009 from web in reply to lovechunks11

Trying to decide between going for a ride and trying to land a backflip on the trampoline. Decisions...
12:31 PM Jul 8th, 2009 from web

Sending collections notices to deadbeat web hosting customers. Where my money at?????
2:39 PM Jul 8th, 2009 from web

Failed flip attempts. 3 beers then try again.
3:44 PM Jul 8th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I rode my motorcycle to work, which means there's now a 100% chance of rain.
7:21 AM Jul 9th, 2009 from web

Just got to work. Now streaming Le Tour. The life of a developer.
7:21 AM Jul 9th, 2009 from web

@DerKruser Yeah, now you have to read all the shit that's too insignificant to blog.
7:29 AM Jul 9th, 2009 from web in reply to DerKruser

Currently looking at a dude who looks just like Squidward.
9:27 AM Jul 9th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Just diagnosed my co-worker with ILS - Imaginary Lat Syndrome.
1:01 PM Jul 9th, 2009 from web

@Meowy Nope. It just depresses me.
1:38 PM Jul 9th, 2009 from web in reply to Meowy

Motorcycle was sputtering and surging at lunch today. Found out I left the choke on. #fail
1:39 PM Jul 9th, 2009 from web

Taking my NO-Xplode. Killer chest workout tonight.
3:17 PM Jul 9th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Just landed a front flip on the tramp. First successful invert of my life. Bow down.
7:26 PM Jul 9th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Yelling at the kids. Is it that hard to NOT do dumb shit?
8:06 AM Jul 10th, 2009 from web

Loaded my bike on the rack. Totally gonna ride today.
10:24 AM Jul 10th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@FryeOnTheRivet My bike looked lonely.
10:34 AM Jul 10th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I don't understand board shorts. What am I s'posed to wear under 'em? I likes me a liner.
11:15 AM Jul 10th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@smithersmpls Interesting. What about people who aren't high?
11:35 AM Jul 10th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Tested the legs on a 40 min ride. They failed.
1:21 PM Jul 10th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Spent an hour moving Ted's boat lift 4 feet. Hello futility!
5:41 PM Jul 10th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Another 40 min on the bike today. Legs felt better, but only because I rode slower.
10:31 AM Jul 11th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Minor injuries sustained from numerous unsuccessful wakeboard flip attempts.
1:47 PM Jul 11th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Just paid $40 for 20 beers at the liquor store. Fuck.
5:13 PM Jul 11th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

At @donimator11's man shack. Eating his trail mix.
6:37 PM Jul 11th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I do not have big enough balls to drink staight Patron.
8:21 PM Jul 11th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@trammisms Come show me how it's done!
9:36 PM Jul 11th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Grocery shopping. Tired of picking through shitty produce.
10:16 AM Jul 12th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I'm sick of hearing about how Twitter is changing the world. It's a diversion at best.
2:02 PM Jul 12th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Skipped going to the lake today cuz forecast said t-storms all day. Cleaned garage instead. Sunny now. Gonna beat weather guy severely.
2:18 PM Jul 12th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@purejenius Dude. Shit. That sucks. I have a feeling the cycling gods didn't like your "I've been lucky" comment last night. Heal fast!
4:29 PM Jul 12th, 2009 from web in reply to purejenius

Fixed broken chess piece. Pawn. Krazy-Glued my fingers together.
2:10 PM Jul 13th, 2009 from web

Just got called a 'fucker' by an old lady at the grocery store.
5:20 PM Jul 13th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Apparently I took all the goddamn sweet corn.
5:35 PM Jul 13th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Eating mango w/ yogurt. I fucking love mango. What a bitchin' fruit.
8:23 PM Jul 13th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@FryeOnTheRivet What aren't you allergic to?
8:57 PM Jul 13th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Tired. Stayed up late last night getting denied.
6:03 AM Jul 14th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Major power outage at work. Everyone getting sent home.
7:25 AM Jul 14th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I have yet to meet an intelligent person on a jet ski. Hope to someday.
9:03 AM Jul 14th, 2009 from web

Is NetFlix still a good value if I keep my movies for 6 weeks?
12:18 PM Jul 14th, 2009 from web

In the basement w/ the kids. Tornado sirens going off.
3:58 PM Jul 14th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Sirens went off twice then stopped. They must have gotten sucked up in the tornado. Will stay put just to be safe.
4:07 PM Jul 14th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

7-year-old just discovered we don't have parental block on on the downstairs TV.
4:39 PM Jul 14th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Couldn't agree more:
7:26 AM Jul 15th, 2009 from web

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm tired of watching sprint stages in the TdF. Same damn thing every day. At least the last 2 km is fun
8:17 AM Jul 15th, 2009 from web

Heading North.
10:39 AM Jul 15th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

At a full-service gas station. I didn't know they still existed.
1:26 PM Jul 15th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

L: Cabin, drinking beer.
3:39 PM Jul 15th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Grilling steaks, drinking rum. I <3 the cabin.
4:38 PM Jul 15th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Just learned that I am Danish, Irish, French, and German. That explains why I've always loved cream cheese Danishes.
7:36 PM Jul 15th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Mistook cinnamon and sugar for salt and pepper. My eggs taste funny. Who puts sugar in a salt shaker?
8:14 AM Jul 16th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@matt_williams_ bringin' a little Stearns County to the big city, eh?
8:19 AM Jul 16th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Just finished 2 hours of 4-wheelin' and Jeepin'.
10:46 AM Jul 16th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Sauna, lake, sauna, lake. Repeat. Fuckin' freezing out.
1:10 PM Jul 16th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Drinking margaritas to create the illusion of summer warmth.
4:46 PM Jul 16th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

A tequila buzz is definitely my favorite buzz.
4:46 PM Jul 16th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

4-wheelin' all morning, gonna nap all afternoon.
12:36 PM Jul 17th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Lots of wheelin' in the rain has left me with some pneunonia symptoms. FML.
3:34 PM Jul 17th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Still sick as shit. Happy fucking vacation.
6:21 PM Jul 19th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Stayed home from work today. Some sort of upper respiratory flu. Suckage.
10:27 AM Jul 20th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I must have the world's most frail immune system. FML.
7:19 AM Jul 21st, 2009 from web

Hungry, but too tired to get out of bed. Might eat the dog.
8:43 AM Jul 21st, 2009 from web

I hear thunder, but it's sunny outside. I'm freakin' out, man.
12:02 PM Jul 21st, 2009 from web

On the way to ER Vet with Bandit.
5:50 AM Jul 22nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Apparently my dog has a herniated disc. Srsly.
6:42 AM Jul 22nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I mean "disk". With a k.
6:42 AM Jul 22nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@trammisms He's only 6 years old! Doesn't it seem like he's been around forever?
7:45 AM Jul 22nd, 2009 from web in reply to trammisms

Just made a dr appointment. I figure having a fever for 5 days is pretty bad.
11:36 AM Jul 22nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

You wouldn't believe what I just coughed up...
11:50 AM Jul 22nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

This dr office is the model of efficiency. In and out w/ prescription in-hand in 15 minutes. Turns out I have bronchitis.
12:59 PM Jul 22nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

First day at the office in over a week. Still feel like shit, but figured I have to come back sometime...
7:58 AM Jul 23rd, 2009 from web

Blog Post - Spew: Tour De France Edition
11:32 AM Jul 24th, 2009 from web - TwitPic Test
12:05 PM Jul 24th, 2009 from TwitPic

@spencerhaugh And how!
12:10 PM Jul 24th, 2009 from web in reply to spencerhaugh

Eating at PF Chang's. My favorite restaurant in the world.
6:00 PM Jul 24th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@aschlicht They sound so dirty, yet taste so scrumptious.
8:37 PM Jul 24th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I have no doubt that I would fall over dead attempting to climb Ventoux. I can barely ride up my driveway.
6:24 AM Jul 25th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

My abs are sore from coughing. #weak
8:42 AM Jul 25th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

My 3-year-old loves ska music. #ReelBigFish
9:30 AM Jul 25th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Hours of fun
10:45 AM Jul 25th, 2009 from TwitPic

@allthewayray The Mankato paper is the Free Press.
4:42 PM Jul 25th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Missing my 10-year high school reunion tonight. I'm old.
4:44 PM Jul 25th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Typical Dairy Queen: 12 teenage girls working the registers and one dirty old man in back doing dishes.
7:29 PM Jul 25th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Done mowing the lawn in record time. Is it too early to go to bed?
6:23 PM Jul 26th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Wicked tan lines from my beater. Lookin' a little Stearns County.
7:13 PM Jul 26th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@DerKruser good luck with that. You can probably get some crackers for $7.
7:18 PM Jul 26th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Some random lady just brought me cheesecake. I had a feeling something awesome would happen today.
10:40 AM Jul 27th, 2009 from web

Blog post: Sick -
1:49 PM Jul 27th, 2009 from web

Not feeling very witty today. Wish I was. Fucking love feeling witty.
2:01 PM Jul 27th, 2009 from web

Motorpacing Ted.
4:37 PM Jul 27th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Dorky-ass helmet
5:08 PM Jul 27th, 2009 from TwitPic

Almost got run off the road by a lesbian this morning.
7:38 AM Jul 28th, 2009 from web

Blog post: Tour Wrap-Up and Pro Cycling Ramblings -
8:49 AM Jul 28th, 2009 from web

I have a "thing" in my hip that moves around. It kind of feels like a giant testicle, but I'm pretty sure it isn't.
10:58 AM Jul 28th, 2009 from web

I'm bummed that Favre isn't going to play for the Vikings. I had hoped to not suck this year. #tarvarisisworthless
3:45 PM Jul 28th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@redlantern Those assholes do that to me too. I was going to go tonight, but I'd get dropped during warm-up.
7:17 PM Jul 28th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@DerKruser That's because you're following boring people.
7:23 AM Jul 29th, 2009 from web in reply to DerKruser

@DerKruser Clearly.
7:28 AM Jul 29th, 2009 from web in reply to DerKruser

Blog post: Family Pictures -
7:40 AM Jul 29th, 2009 from web

I made steak for my kids last night. They were very unappreciative. They really like the beans, though. Ingrates.
8:10 AM Jul 29th, 2009 from web

Beer with lunch. Awesome.
10:14 AM Jul 29th, 2009 from web

I get to endure the awkwardness of seeing my best friend's estranged wife tonight.
10:44 AM Jul 29th, 2009 from web

Overheard at Scheel's (fat kid on phone): "Do you know anyone who has, like, an old boat that they want to trade for, like, an XBox?"
11:42 AM Jul 29th, 2009 from web

Jimmy Watkins rode a 9.86 flying 200. Time for me to retire.
11:51 AM Jul 29th, 2009 from web

@FryeOnTheRivet Are we talking about Vikings training camp in Mankato, or is this some sort of summer camp where you rape and pillage?
12:22 PM Jul 29th, 2009 from web in reply to FryeOnTheRivet

Someone entertain me, please.
1:43 PM Jul 29th, 2009 from web - It's a little snug, but it'll have to do.
2:35 PM Jul 29th, 2009 from TwitPic

I was getting pissed at some asshole for tailgating me when I realized it was my trailer.
3:29 PM Jul 29th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

So fucking sick of the Dell 'lollipop' commercial. Never buying a Dell.
3:59 PM Jul 29th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I sure have to bring a lot of stuff to 'rough it' in the woods.
6:23 PM Jul 29th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Why does everyone look so pissed off when they're jogging?
7:01 AM Jul 30th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I look really good today. Doubt the ladies will be able to keep their hands off me. Must remember to carry whoopin' stick.
7:39 AM Jul 30th, 2009 from web

I've only ridden my new road bike 5 times, but feel like I should upgrade my components.
8:21 AM Jul 30th, 2009 from web

Why do unimportant people at work send out PTO reminders to the entire company? No one cares that you'll be gone.
10:09 AM Jul 30th, 2009 from web

Kind of obsessing over getting a new phone. Stuck with T-Mobile. What to do...
11:35 AM Jul 30th, 2009 from web - Get over yourself. I don't care about your problems, Dave.
12:54 PM Jul 30th, 2009 from TwitPic

Blog post: Awesome wakeboarding crash photo -
1:09 PM Jul 30th, 2009 from web

Busted out of work early for happy hour before heaading North.
3:48 PM Jul 30th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Totally got outsmarted by a pop-up camper.
8:20 PM Jul 30th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

No one puked in the sink last night, so we've apparently grown up a bit since last year.
7:14 AM Jul 31st, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Public bathroom. A little kid is cheering while his dad poops.
8:29 AM Jul 31st, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Playing shuffleboard. No joke.
1:32 PM Aug 1st, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I've been drunk for 5 hours, and I'm now ready to go to bed in the middle of the afternoon. And I still spelled everything right. #irule
2:46 PM Aug 1st, 2009 from TwitterBerry

90 minutes pulling kid #2 in the bike trailer. I'm blown.
5:20 PM Aug 2nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

More beer with lunch. This time it was free.
11:28 AM Aug 3rd, 2009 from web

Grocery store. There is a grown woman wearing a Twilight shirt AND cap.
3:19 PM Aug 3rd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Also, I just sneezed on the bananas. It snuck up on me.
3:20 PM Aug 3rd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

At Max's last baseball game of the summer. 'Bout time.
5:32 PM Aug 3rd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Drinking the most delicious protien shake ever. But that's relative.
6:53 AM Aug 4th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@uglybike It's actually ON French Vanilla with some raspberries. I likes ta switch it up a bit.
8:06 AM Aug 4th, 2009 from web in reply to uglybike

Who wants to watch my kids so I can go on the group ride tonight?
9:29 AM Aug 4th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - This car was driving 15mph under the speed limit. Hang on indeed.
1:58 PM Aug 4th, 2009 from TwitPic - Oh no! Double collar pop in a JC Penny advertisement.
2:02 PM Aug 4th, 2009 from TwitPic

Lifting. Ouch. Forgot how bad this sucks.
5:20 PM Aug 4th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@BDoobie Come do leg day with Ted and I and see if you still think it's fun.
5:26 PM Aug 4th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@BDoobie Done
5:29 PM Aug 4th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Post-Workout Sushi
5:52 PM Aug 4th, 2009 from TwitPic

I hate Mover Scott. Parents, you know what I'm talkin' about.#douche
6:45 AM Aug 5th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Blog post: Leg Day -
10:24 AM Aug 5th, 2009 from web

I dropped my Blackberry, tried to catch it with my foot, and ended up kicking it across the parking lot. Still works.
2:47 PM Aug 5th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Shooting sporting clays. I suck.
5:27 PM Aug 5th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Ted is explaining Twitter to a guy at the gun range.
5:49 PM Aug 5th, 2009 from TwitPic

@T3 You told me it was rusty and wouldn't work.
5:52 PM Aug 5th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I am at the county fair. Holy shit are there some ugly people here.
6:13 PM Aug 5th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Mini Donuts
6:45 PM Aug 5th, 2009 from TwitPic - Cheese Curds
6:49 PM Aug 5th, 2009 from TwitPic

@T3 Don't throw my own excuses in my face.
7:20 PM Aug 5th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Diamond Rio is playing the Benton Co fair. I'm leaving. Now.
7:32 PM Aug 5th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Blog post: Tree Frog -
8:08 AM Aug 6th, 2009 from web

Blog post: A Frickin' Pontoon With Frickin' Lawn Chairs On It -
9:02 AM Aug 6th, 2009 from web

@Meowy We sent it back to its natural habit...our deck.
9:08 AM Aug 6th, 2009 from web

Who would have thought that Twitter's servers were susceptible to hackers? They always seems so stable...
11:30 AM Aug 6th, 2009 from web

Had a big important meeting earlier, now home taking the afternoon shift with a sick kid.
12:00 PM Aug 6th, 2009 from web

Blog post: Last Baseball Game -
8:47 AM Aug 7th, 2009 from web

At the outlet mall. Is Guess still cool?
4:07 PM Aug 7th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

A lesbian just bought a white belt because of me. Long story.
4:08 PM Aug 7th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

2 mojitos followed by a 50 minute ride in the rain.
4:58 PM Aug 8th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Speeding to get to the liquor store before they close. There's lightening. It's like an action movie.
7:28 PM Aug 8th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - I can haz summer-themed beers?
7:38 PM Aug 8th, 2009 from TwitPic

I just spent WAY too much money on furniture. But it's super bitchin'.
4:12 PM Aug 9th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Just showed a foreign woman how to use a gas pump, then a bird shit on my head. Reverse karma.
2:55 PM Aug 10th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I may or may not race the State Match Sprints tomorrow. Adjust your strategies accordingly.
7:49 AM Aug 11th, 2009 from web

@spencerhaugh Check it:
11:35 AM Aug 11th, 2009 from web in reply to spencerhaugh

Blog post: I Guess I'll Have To Start Getting Take-Out -
8:38 AM Aug 12th, 2009 from web

Why doesn't anyone comment on my blog anymore. I know you assholes are reading it...
8:38 AM Aug 12th, 2009 from web

Can't breathe through my nose. I think I injured my sinuses wakeboarding.
9:43 AM Aug 12th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@FryeOnTheRivet I have sand in my vagina!
10:58 AM Aug 12th, 2009 from web in reply to FryeOnTheRivet

WPF FlowDocument keeps eating my MouseUp events, and I'm about to freak.
12:27 PM Aug 12th, 2009 from web

Just got home. No one here. Hmmmmm. Going for a short ride.
2:50 PM Aug 12th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - I'm a hot mess.
4:00 PM Aug 12th, 2009 from TwitPic

@FryeOnTheRivet I don't understand the question.
4:13 PM Aug 12th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@FryeOnTheRivet Oh wait, now I get it. I think I melted my brain.
4:14 PM Aug 12th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Blog post: Could It Be? -
7:59 AM Aug 13th, 2009 from web

McDonalds puts mayo on their shroom & swiss burger. Odd.
4:27 PM Aug 13th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - If you're so handicapped, how can you ride a motorcycle?
4:28 PM Aug 13th, 2009 from TwitPic

I'm likely going to be "unplugged" for the next several days. Don't miss me too much!
8:04 PM Aug 13th, 2009 from web

Back from vacation.
7:51 PM Aug 17th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Being talked at by a crazy lady at the mall.
4:08 PM Aug 18th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I'm a magnet for these people.
4:08 PM Aug 18th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I'm in a horrible mood today.
6:13 AM Aug 20th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Hit the mother load at Target.
9:23 AM Aug 20th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@Meowy Figuratively.
10:20 AM Aug 20th, 2009 from web in reply to Meowy

Closet purge complete. We now have over 50 available hangers.
8:33 PM Aug 20th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@redlantern While an up/down sensor would be cool, I think a toilet with a scale that weighs my droppings would be cooler.
7:23 AM Aug 21st, 2009 from web in reply to redlantern

I should not be this excited about preseason football.
5:23 PM Aug 21st, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@donimator11 I bought cx tires for my 29er. Shhhhh.
7:30 AM Aug 22nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@T3 I strongly disagree.
8:54 AM Aug 22nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

At library. Just told a lady to watch her damn kids and she told me to suck her dick. Huh? #tranny
9:07 AM Aug 22nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Masters Nats sprint news: Ted won the 4-up 5-9 sprint to take 5th. Tainter is in the semi's. 2 more podium spots for the Blaine boys!
10:30 AM Aug 22nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry - WTF? Strange cruiser-to-sport bike conversion.
10:46 AM Aug 22nd, 2009 from TwitPic - Stick-fighting class at the park. These folks are intense!
10:54 AM Aug 22nd, 2009 from TwitPic

@DerKruser No shit? Nice work!
2:53 PM Aug 22nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Trying to sleep 2 hyper kids and 2 tired adults in 1 hotel room.
7:03 PM Aug 22nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Hotel wake-up call system must be on the fritz. 6 calls so far in 5 minutes. I'm up! Sheesh!
4:36 AM Aug 23rd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

L: Lindberg terminal. Its gonna be a long day.
6:16 AM Aug 23rd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

On the ground in Seattle.
10:45 AM Aug 23rd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

All the hipsters in Seattle ride bikes with gears. #hillssuck
7:12 AM Aug 24th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Kids are oblivious to time zone changes. I should not be awake at 5:30 am when I'm on vacation.
6:51 AM Aug 25th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Starbucks for everyone.
7:49 AM Aug 25th, 2009 from TwitPic

Only 1 cartoon channel here, and 'Special Agent Oso' is on. FML.
8:03 AM Aug 25th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Hello, beautiful!
8:42 AM Aug 25th, 2009 from TwitPic

RT: @speedfixracing "News Post: Schmid podiums at Master's Nats: "
9:38 AM Aug 25th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Great workout. Maxed out all the leg machines. Single legged. Ready for my comeback at Radius 6 on Sept 13. Be there.
10:32 AM Aug 25th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@FryeOnTheRivet My PR guy told me to.
10:58 AM Aug 25th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Playing in the fountain at Seattle Center.
4:16 PM Aug 25th, 2009 from TwitPic

Totally just photobombed someone's family picture.
7:52 PM Aug 25th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Gave $ to bum with sign reading 'Girlfriend kicked me out. Need money for hooker.'
8:28 PM Aug 25th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Just made a coffe run to the original Starbucks.
8:57 AM Aug 26th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

On the monorail. Teaching the kids the song from that Simpsons episode. Ya know, the episode with the monorail? That one.
9:47 AM Aug 26th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Extreme cycling
10:51 AM Aug 26th, 2009 from TwitPic - My new favorite animal. Like a penis with teeth.
11:19 AM Aug 26th, 2009 from TwitPic - Science center interactive movie FAIL
2:33 PM Aug 26th, 2009 from TwitPic

Spotted: Guy wearing a suit with a fanny pack.
9:08 AM Aug 27th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Watching my girlish figure. I ordered a skim mocha this morning.
9:38 AM Aug 27th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Souvenir shopping. FML.
10:52 AM Aug 27th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Sailing
12:30 PM Aug 27th, 2009 from TwitPic

The wind died and our sailboat is now using its motor. #failboat
1:33 PM Aug 27th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Oxymoron
1:35 PM Aug 27th, 2009 from TwitPic - Rims on a Segway
1:59 PM Aug 27th, 2009 from TwitPic

Giant bag of souvenirs has been lost or stolen.
3:15 PM Aug 27th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Bag found back on failboat. Crying kids now smiling. Snowglobe is safe.
3:32 PM Aug 27th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Drinking way too many White Russians.
10:44 PM Aug 27th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Heading home tonight. Gonna miss having other people make coffee for me.
8:53 AM Aug 28th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Just landed at MSP.
6:13 PM Aug 28th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Back home. Finally.
8:29 PM Aug 28th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@llahekim Screw that. 94" for everything. Man up.
9:14 AM Aug 29th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Just did some ergo sprints for a benchmark. Better than I expected. Hip hurts like crazy though. Not sure what to make of that.
9:14 PM Aug 29th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Empty Hendrick's makes me sad
9:22 PM Aug 29th, 2009 from TwitPic

Hip is swollen and sore this morning. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
10:48 AM Aug 30th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Playing bean bag toss. I think I'm destined for a life of lawn games.
11:08 AM Aug 30th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Just received a harsh reminder that I ate asparagus last night.
11:10 AM Aug 30th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Shopping for bathroom accessories. FML.
2:36 PM Aug 30th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Sexy carbon wine bottle cage
4:52 PM Aug 30th, 2009 from TwitPic

Max just took his scooter through the nastiest pile of coyote poop I've ever seen.
7:04 PM Aug 30th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Dreading uploading 50 photos to blogger.
7:02 AM Aug 31st, 2009 from web

@T3 I, too, took a summer respite from gin. Summer was over for me on Saturday. Nice composition on the photo.
7:04 AM Aug 31st, 2009 from web in reply to T3

Blog post: Seattle -
8:46 AM Aug 31st, 2009 from web

I have 464 unread items in my RSS feed. Could someone just summarize the last week for me?
8:51 AM Aug 31st, 2009 from web

Of the 69 (hehe) people I follow, I enjoy the tweets of about
8.11:51 AM Aug 31st, 2009 from web

Thinking I should trade in my current friends for new, more interesting ones.
11:51 AM Aug 31st, 2009 from web

@trammisms Don't worry, you're in my 8!
2:15 PM Aug 31st, 2009 from web in reply to trammisms - All glued up
3:22 PM Aug 31st, 2009 from TwitPic

@T3 does it seem wierd to you that I'm doing everything you're doing, but I'm doing it first? Gin, tubulars...what's next?
6:59 PM Aug 31st, 2009 from TwitterBerry - Lazy sack
5:48 AM Sep 1st, 2009 from TwitPic - Super lame
7:11 AM Sep 1st, 2009 from TwitPic

@DerKruser I take it you didn't win the green jawbones back in July?
7:21 AM Sep 1st, 2009 from web in reply to DerKruser

Blog post: Project and Setbacks -
7:23 AM Sep 1st, 2009 from web

@montyp_twit Thanks man. If nothing else, it'll be an adventure.
12:10 PM Sep 1st, 2009 from web in reply to montyp_twit

Holy shit, the world grinds to a halt when GMail goes down.
1:45 PM Sep 1st, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I'm either going to work out or go buy a new laptop.
5:00 PM Sep 1st, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Lifting. Kids don't want to go laptop shopping. Unbelieveable.
5:17 PM Sep 1st, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Wine and a bath. I feel like such a pimp.
8:04 PM Sep 1st, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Just bought a laptop. Sony Vaio NW with Blu-Ray player. So hot.
2:54 PM Sep 2nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Why didn't anyone tell me how fucking slow Vista is? Windows 7 gets installed tomorrow.
6:51 PM Sep 2nd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Blog post: Sony Vaio NW Series - First Impressions -
1:22 PM Sep 3rd, 2009 from web

@DerKruser don't be jealous.
2:46 PM Sep 3rd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

The kids both want me to put them to bed every night, but always want mom if they wake up in the wee hours of the morning.
7:52 PM Sep 3rd, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Hey, guess what I'm doing right now.
8:30 AM Sep 4th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Ok, all done.
8:34 AM Sep 4th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@lovechunks11 I can't Tweet while doing that.
8:58 AM Sep 4th, 2009 from web in reply to lovechunks11

I was eating a McMuffin, sickos.
9:09 AM Sep 4th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Blog post: Booze Haikus -
11:05 AM Sep 4th, 2009 from web

Eating Trix and watching cartoons. I am a child.
7:13 AM Sep 5th, 2009 from TwitterBerry - This dude did a 2-minute trackstand. I suck.
11:12 AM Sep 5th, 2009 from TwitPic

At the drive-in movie. No shit.
7:06 PM Sep 5th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

1:35 ride, 2 pina coladas, and a nap. Hard to beat that.
10:20 PM Sep 6th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Why do people always walk away from me when I'm impressing them with my knowledge of bicycles?
12:08 PM Sep 7th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Ready to take Max to school. Where is he? Back in bed.
5:17 AM Sep 8th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

So this is when normal people come to work, huh?
6:02 AM Sep 8th, 2009 from web

How do you tell someone that they're not smart enough to understand the explaination to their question?
5:54 PM Sep 8th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Blog post: School Daze -
7:21 PM Sep 8th, 2009 from web

On the way to the dr to figure out what's up with my hip. Sooooo tired of this.
10:41 AM Sep 9th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Three doctors currently looking at my hip-testicle thing. One just said "I don't know what the hell that is."
11:41 AM Sep 9th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Just saw my dong on an x-ray.
11:48 AM Sep 9th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

No racing/max efforts for another 4 weeks.
12:12 PM Sep 9th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Blog post: Name My Boat -
7:55 AM Sep 10th, 2009 from web

10:02 AM Sep 10th, 2009 from web

@rudy2tone Ferris will crush you. He will not be out-trackstood.
12:26 PM Sep 10th, 2009 from web in reply to rudy2tone

Fantasy f-ball team looking good so far. Big Ben w/ 363 yds and 1 TD
5:55 AM Sep 11th, 2009 from web

Watching my first Blu-Ray movie on my new laptop. Hannah Montana.
6:26 PM Sep 11th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Best. Movie. Ever.
8:14 PM Sep 11th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

I think I just got tricked into doing some of the RADIUS races.
1:31 PM Sep 13th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Blog post: WTF? -
10:47 AM Sep 14th, 2009 from web

Blog post: I'm (Sort Of) Back Bitch! -
10:47 AM Sep 14th, 2009 from web

Blog post: Freak Fest -
8:54 AM Sep 15th, 2009 from web

Sitting in the parking lot of the tech college listening to 'Sister Christian'by Night Ranger. Don't ask.
5:56 AM Sep 16th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@DerKruser Scopin' the auto shop babes.
6:06 AM Sep 16th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

Blog post: No Explanation -
8:56 AM Sep 17th, 2009 from web

Blog post: St. Joe PD Disapproves Of You, Vagrant! -
8:05 AM Sep 18th, 2009 from web

Blog post: Sick As A Dog Now...Gonna Vomit -
10:01 AM Sep 18th, 2009 from web

@DerKruser well Taylor says Fraley is a dickweed.
8:50 PM Sep 30th, 2009 from TwitterBerry

@DerKruser I watched you on USTREAM. Looked good.
5:08 PM Oct 1st, 2009 from web in reply to DerKruser

@trammisms I'm kind of over it. I'll stick to blogging.
10:39 AM Nov 1st, 2009 from twidroid in reply to trammisms