Thursday, October 02, 2008

Track Nats, Day 1

Today was crazy!

I woke up late and hauled ass down to the airport, luckily not getting stuck in any traffic. The flight was uneventful, but when I arrived I had a slight scare that my bike had been lost. I told them I was going to fucking kill someone (those were my exact words) if my bike was missing, and they managed to find it. w00t!

I got my bike put together at the hotel and headed down to the track for my first race. Warm-up went well and I felt surprisingly good considering I'd just gotten off the plane 3 hours prior.

The standing 250 uses a starting gate, which I suck at. On the start, I got hung up in the gate and lost my forward momentum. I ended getting 12th out of 35 riders with a 19.599. The top 5 were all under 19 seconds, and Blatchford got first with an 18.3. I think I could have been close to 19 seconds if I knew how to use the starting gate, but whatever.

I've got high hopes for tomorrow, being my birthday and all.

I got my first event out of the way and got some track time in, so I'm happy. Anyway, here's some photos.

Look at all those fans!!!

Who's that guy in the GP skinsuit? A ninja must also be a master of disguise.

The starting gate.

Blatchford doesn't suck


Kruse in the kilo

Floyd Landis was there. Yes, it's really him. I'm an awesome photographer.

Looks like updates will be coming in late because racing doesn't start until 4:00 (6:00 MN time). Don't wait up.


Anonymous said...

What is it with my riders and start gates? Gord Singleton towed his in 2006 and Megan Blatchford-Peck is paranoid about doing it at Masters Worlds next week.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

It's actually Friday here 12.36am.

Meow said...

Happy Birthday!! I'd say to have a drink for me, but I guess you gotta' be conservative at this point....

Meow said...

Have IN-N-OUT for me! Mmmm, (drool).

Franz said...

Looks like my 19.4 is still the time to beat for MN riders:)