Friday, January 22, 2010

I Haz Skis

I suck at snowboarding. I gave it 10 years of my life and never got to the point that I wanted to be at, so I bailed out and bought twin-tip skis. It makes sense, since even when I was younger and all my friends were skateboarding, I would ride my rollerblades at the skate park.

Kristin rented.

My sister came too. I convinced her to ride on one of the boxes, which she nearly did successfully. But then she freaked out halfway across and fell, after which she was unable to get up. Very sad.

The next day (and still, 5 days later), my calves were screeeeeaming at me. Having larger-than-normal calves jammed into ski boots is really painful, but I found afterwards that the calf buckle on my boots can be mounted in 3 positions. After adjustment, I think my next trip out will be better.

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